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your orthopaedic specialists in 
ienna for the following serviceS

"Surgery is our passion"

At Ortho 19, our team of orthopedic specialists use the latest technology and techniques to improve care for patients with injuries and problems of the musculoskeletal system. From diagnosis through treatment, your orthopedic surgeons and specialists are at the forefront employing advanced technologies in the best interest of patients. We are in close cooperation with specialized partners in the field of neurologic-, rheumatologic- and internal medicine if necessary. Throughout Vienna and its surroundings we do work closely with handpicked Physiotherapists to achieve the best results - all according to and in our patients interest.


Our love for surgery and the orthopaedic craftsmanship lead to an individually unique and empathic patient contact. If a surgical procedure is necessary, the team of Ortho19 Vienna will tailor a treatment path and will guide and accompany you all the way to achieve the optimal results. Your personal success on your way back to your activities of daily living or your goals in sport are always our highest priority.


"happy patient"

Over 20,000 clients within Vienna and growing - a testament to our craft as one of Vienna´s best orthopedic clinics. We also offer the latest in surgical skills, technology and treatments. 


We deliver the best customer care and service. We will make you feel at home and provide essential follow-up care to ensure the best possible orthopaedic medicine and surgery results.


Due to our excellent partner network and IT solution on the highest level we can guarantee your perfect treatment.


We listen to what you have to say and we take a lot of time for your consultation.


Perfect location and service in combination with soothing music and a complimentary drink while you are administrated to make your visit as comfortable as possible.


Our team uses the latest technology and techniques to improve care for patients with injuries and problems of musculoskeletal system.


Service and excellency is our success!

"Outstandig Quality"

As a patient you will profit from a great number of yearly conducted surgical procedures by
Dr Hexel and his Team. His well known and much appreciated teaching methods make him a decorated  surgeon, proud of all his fellows and trainees.

Unsere Qualität
"Ein außergewöhnlich kompetenter Arzt"

August 2019

"Ein seltener Experte mit Verstand, Herz und Humor"

Januar 2019

"ich kann wieder schwimmen"


"Relaxing Atmosphere"

Feel welcome and safe as soon as you arrive - our private practice is ideally situated and service as well as your comfort are our success.

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